mv Seahorse

Welcome on the website of mv Seahorse. This is the site of the crew of the Seahorse, and is meant to give general information about the ship and the work she is doing. The information given on this site cannot be regarded as information from the owners of the Seahorse.

mv Seahorse is a dynamic positioned fall pipe stone dump vessel. Dynamic positioning means that she has a system that enables her to keep her heading, stay in position, or follow a certain track very precisely. Fall pipe means quite obviously that she has a fall pipe, this pipe is used to guide stones to an exact spot on the bottom of the sea.

This type of vessel is used to protect or support subsea installations for oil and gas installations, power and communication cables, and off shore wind farms.

mv Seahorse was originally built as heavy lift vessel "Snimos Ace" at the Mitshubishi Nagasaki Shipyard in Japan in 1983. In 1995 she changed owner to Deeprock C.V. a joint venture of Boskalis and Tideway, and was converted to fall pipe vessel during 1998 and 1999 at Schelde Shipyard in Vlissingen.

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